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This is an amazing story that reveals the miraculous working out of God’s love for the poorest of the poor who have been devastated by war, natural disasters and disease. You will follow the journey of one couple and their international team from a few abandoned orphans to over 6,000 churches.

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This amazing story reveals the miraculous working out of God’s love for the poorest of the poor. People who have been devastated by war, natural disasters and disease. Rolland and Heidi Baker demonstrate the power of the gospel when unconditional love touched “the least of these”. The book illustrates a model initiated through children that has released a revival in Africa of historic proportions.

You will follow the journey of Rolland and Heidi Baker and their international team from a few abandoned orphans to over 6,000 churches.

In his introduction to the book, Rolland Baker says: “Jesus developed our faith over the years in many countries and ministry situations for a reason. Today He has given us oversight over five thousand churches in one of the poorest areas of the world. We live in Mozambique, in the south-east corner of Africa. This land has suffered horribly from decades of warfare and natural disaster. Finally the people are desperate for Jesus and no other. Revival is spreading. In large sections of central Mozambique and southern Malawi we have simple, mud-hut churches in virtually every village. They grow until there are as many as can hear the sound of a preacher’s voice. More are being added continuously, and now others in countries around us are calling for ministry and help, desperate to be a part of this fire. The gospel of Jesus Christ is enough for them all. He is good and faithful, the Master Lover. They just want Him. They have been poor and wretched, but now they possess all things in Him. We dare to approach them, we dare to preach to them, we dare to pick up the helpless, abandoned and dying, because He died for us and rose again on our behalf. We eat and drink from His body and blood, and as a result, there will always be enough…”

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Rolland and Heidi Baker are missionaries to Mozambique and the countries of South East Africa. Rolland, whose parents and grandparents were also missionaries, was born in China and raised in Asia. Heidi grew up in Laguna Beach, California, where she began ministering at age 16. Both have their BA and MA degrees from Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California, and Heidi holds a PhD in systematic theology from King’s College, University of London. Both live for revival and the overwhelming presence of Jesus.




July 2001

11 reviews for There Is Always Enough. Rolland and Heidi Baker

  1. mrs jean Balfour

    Wow! Sometimes one reads a book of such faith and one is rightly challenged. One can also ponder how we would face such challenges, but the truth is we only get the grace at the moment of need. There is always enough in God. Since I read this book I have found myself saying these words to myself, whatever the situation. As I became a widow a few months ago there have been different challenges but,”there is always enough” Enjoy.

  2. Mrs. J. F. Hall

    An amazing account of a lady who takes the word of God literally and has seen many miracles in Africa

  3. did

    This is a challenging book. I first read it while trapped on holiday, by air traffic disruption caused following the icelandic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010. I read it in two sittings and have since reread it on a number of occasions. Since then I have bought 6/7 copies, some to give away and others to replace the ones I have lent and have not come back :). The book is a challenge to what we mean by faith. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any serious Christian hungry to follow God more closely.

  4. sophie

    I loved this book -it made me cry and made me want to go to Africa to help -not for the faint hearted -definitely inspirational and made me want to have a deeper relationship with God

  5. Pamela Tucker

    A must read

  6. Rev Angela Bevan

    Challenging! Heidi surrendered EVERYTHING ! Bought five copies to distribute as gifts .

  7. Piers Young

    Fine, no problem

  8. Mrs latte

    Great Book bought it as a gift as I have read it twice !

  9. D. M. Dugdall

    Heidi and Rolland Baker’s book is one of those which would be of great benefit for most people to read. These people are inspirational and faith-filled. The work they do is so wonderful – do read this, it’s going to be worth it in my opinion.

  10. Jenfire

    Heidi and Rolland really are living out a life totally surrendered to God, it is a very challenging and inspiring read, very difficult to read at times with the stark realities of life in one of the poorest places in the world. They are reliant on God for all their needs and there are many stories of lives transformed, healing miracles, the dead raised and deliverance; everything you would find in the Acts of the apostles, but happening here and now. Heidi and Rolland are living out the command to take care of the widows and orphans and are really making a difference with the time they have. Not for the faint-hearted, prepare to be taken out of your comfort zone!

  11. Ann

    This book was recommended to me enthusiastically. Now I know why. It is written to testify to the power of the love of God. Truly it is a wake up call to the Christian church in the Western world. The authors have totally abandoned their lives to the will of The Father, and live by the teachings of Jesus. They only seek to glorify God. By complete obedience their ministry has been blessed miraculously. Their joy in serving is humbling. God’s response is awesome. A faith building book, proving all things are possible to those who believe. May God continue to bless the authors and their team, and keep them in His care.

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