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Following a life-changing accident, Lynda retells the dramatic story that led to the powerful ministry that amazed witnessing doctors. Her miraculous physical and emotional healing restored her to life and gave her back the hope of marriage and family.

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Following a life-changing accident, Lynda retells the dramatic story that led to the powerful healing ministry that amazed witnessing doctors. Her miraculous physical and emotional healing restored her to life and gave her back the hope of marriage and family.

This book is a moving story of courage and faith in overcoming personal tragedy. It has the capacity to transform your understanding of healing and give hope to those in need.

Lynda’s story demonstrates how God brought supernatural healing to every part of her spirit, soul and body. She shared deep spiritual principles clearly and tells what God did in her life. This book is not only a wonderful celebration of her healing. It is also an enormous encouragement to all who would step forward in faith and put their trust in God.

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Lynda Scott was first introduced to Ellel Ministries at a conference led by Peter and Fiona Horrobin in 1996 when she was miraculously healed following a devastating accident. Lynda has continued her association with Ellel Ministries over the years and has written her story “Lynda: From Accident & Trauma to Healing & Wholeness.” She lives in Australia with her husband Leigh and 3 children.



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November 2010

36 reviews for Lynda. Lynda Scott

  1. Joan

    What a fantastic book! As a Christian counselor I found Lynda’s detailed retelling of her ministry where she was healed from the results of a hiking accident, an invaluable resource. Anyone involved in Christian ministry, helping people who have had accidents or trauma, would learn so much from these biblical principles.

    Lynda also offers a deep insight into the Father’s heart for those who are wanting the right marriage partner, are wanting to have children, as well as those who have gone through the trauma and grief of losing children. What Lynda shares will change your life!

    This is a real life story which demonstrates the extraordinary love and faithfulness of God. It is amazing and inspiring! Buy copies for all your family and friends – I have!

  2. Merle Foote

    This book is true. It is one of the best testimonies I have read. I was there when Lynda was healed. Beautifully written, hard to put down. Lynda’s journey is real, as is her faith in God; it encourages faith, even through severe trauma and loss. Highly recommended.

  3. Lois

    I knew parts of Lynda’s story as it was in process but was amazed at the whole picture. To see God’s goodness & faithfulness in enabling Lynda through so many valleys was inspiring. It was exhilerating and rivetting to see His mighty delivering and healing power. I am awed & challenged by Lynda’s courage & determination to find God in her situation. It is also a very helpful and useful resource in seeing others set free. Thank you Lynda.

  4. Kate

    Lynda’s story is one of enduring true love which is not something that comes easily but through challenge and disappointment. Lynda’s belief in herself and God shows the reader that love conquers all.

  5. Inge

    It may seem biased for me to write a review, but Lynda is truly an inspirational book. I have been best friends with Lynda since high school and over the years we have helped each other through highs and lows. When I read the journey again I am amazed at how much God is true to his promises even though all hope at times was lost. Lynda (the book and person) reflects beautifully the scripture “that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil 1:6).

  6. Nan

    What an amazing testimony to God’s love and Lynda’s steadfast faith! The book has been a revelation and touched me deeply. May it continue to stir and bless all who read it, and fulfil God’s purpose. The writing was clear and unfussy so that there was no impediment to the message. To God be the glory!

  7. Forever Forgiven

    Words fall short to describe this book.It was that good. So I will repeat the Lords words at the end of the book:
    “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony;they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death”

  8. Janene

    A LIFE CHANGING READ! I cannot fully express my gratitude & admiration for Lynda, a woman who has shared such intimacy & yet in the midst of some of the greatest of trials she has been able to stand firm on the foundations of her faith & her love for God. “Lynda” is a modern day Job story. Her book has been a stepping stone in my own journey to know God more intimately – to go beyond traditional church parameters that I have grown up with since childhood. The way God is working through Ellel Ministries is powerful. After reading Lynda’s book, God opened the door for me to go there. I can truly say if you are willing to forgive others (like Lynda did) God can bring restoration into any circumstance. If you desire to be touched by a life story that can help you understand more of the intimate things of God & you desire to be closer to Him, start here. This is a must read!

  9. Teresa Lyde

    I have just read the book titled Lynda and have been over awed at this amazing healing I could litriately feel and see that healing take place as I continued to read on my e-book reader.

    This book has opened my eyes to a clearer understanding to what it really means to trust and solely surrender to God all of you no matter what condition your are in and I have been oh so out of touch even though I have been supported by prayer and go to church and thought I was in a right place.

  10. Winslow Carter

    I loved it. It was very It shows faith and the healing power of God at work in our world today.

  11. Claudia

    I like it because it is a true story that gives glory to God. The style is a bit simplistic (for anyone who can read- but that is probably the purpose of this book!) and in some places overly sweet..
    But that doesn’t diminish the significance of the narrative.

  12. Denise

    I found the story of Lynda totally absorbing. I was thrilled to hear the full story of how the healing changed her life and how despite other later truamas and tragedies she grew in faith and certanty of God’s love and healing power. A most inspiring read and I would recommend it most highly

  13. Rosalinde

    I had heard about the miracle God did for Lynda but I was totally gripped by the full story in her own words. But I was even more amazed at Lynda’s response to the tragedy of losing 3 babies and her victory over depression. I learnt so much about real faith in tough circumstances.

  14. Brenda O

    Great read, omg what an amazing story. It’s a must read?????

  15. Gary B

    An astounding account of healing and restoration against a backdrop of tragedy.

    Lynda is an inspiring story of God’s goodness and Lynda’s faith.

  16. Manson Yang

    Excellent book for those who wants complete healing from our risen Lord. People who have gone thru traumatic events only want physical healing. However, total healing involves the spirt and the heart as well. Lynda has shown us how she was healed by God, likewise, we could do the same.

  17. Graham J Swaffield

    Excellent book, very encouraging and down to earth approach, my wife and I have been encouraged greatly.

  18. Anon

    I do not have the adequate words to recommend this book highly enough.

    I have only ever heard the summary of the first part of this story; and it continues to be a great source of encouragement.

    It is great to hear that God is always faithful, always blesses and never finishes his work with us.

    You will need tissues!

    Thank God for this amazing testimony.

    May God continue blessing your life Lynda.

  19. Marsh

    I picked up your book and couldn’t put it down. I read it cover to cover and was in awe of the Almighty God that we serve! Your story touched me on so many levels. Your faith and your acts of taking Risks to hold on to that faith is truly inspiring. Yet throughout your story which was so well told it was so very clear that this was more than just a story about you , your trails , your deliverance but it was a story about your relationship with God, your never ending faith in Him despite your trails and His unwavering love of you and us His children . All we need do is ask Him in and continue to trust in Him. Sometimes the latter is where the real challenge comes as life happens.

  20. Sue Hobbs

    This book is truely amazing! The author, Lynda, is living evidence of the healing power of God today. I would highly recommend this book!

  21. Mops

    This was such an amazing story and such an encouragement to hear of Gods amazing healing powers. I couldnt put the book down until I had read it, I have lent it to a friend to read and will probably buy another for a friends birthday – great story and true.

  22. Katherine

    What an amazing story, of an amazing woman, with an amazing passion for God! To overcome such an accident with trauma, pain and tragedy through her Faith in God was truly inspiring. I certainly had tears in my eyes. Thank you for writing this book Lynda.

  23. John

    Amazing story!

  24. Lauren

    I was deeply moved and touched by Lynda’s story, and was in tears several times… even though I was reading it on a bus! I was not only amazed and inspired to read about the healing, but Lynda’s perseverance and love for God despite the many trials and times of grief. It made me realise that we can trust God through anything, and He fulfills His promises. Thank you Lynda for being so raw and honest, and giving us a peek into your heart. I have been able to lend this book to friends and family, both Christians and unbelievers, which is a powerful witness! Praise God!

  25. Alison

    I could not put Lynda’s book down – not even to make dinner! It is an amazing story of God’s grace, sovereignty and healing. I was inspired and challenged by Lynda’s unswerving faithfulness to her Lord and Saviour in the midst of great suffering and loss. Thank you for sharing your story, Lynda.

  26. Ken Curry

    I have just finished reading Lynda’s book over the weekend and it is brilliant! It is one of the most moving stories that I have read. It contains such insight and understanding of God and His ways learnt, as He has shown Lynda in leading her through so many experiences. Congratulations Lynda!

    I am sure that God will use this book to minister to many people around the world. May He be glorified.

  27. Eve

    Thank you Lynda for writing your amazing book and sharing with us your story of pain, loss, grief and wonderful healing. It is truly an amazing story, which has left me with feelings of thanks to our God for His wonderful love and care, with which He has blessed you.

    I believe that everyone who has read your book has been strengthened in faith. This is how I feel each time I remember the miracle you have received.

    Our Pastor once said: “A miracle for someone is a sign of breakthrough for everyone”. Your story is definitely a confirmation of that statement. Thank you Lynda for stepping out in obedience and sharing what you have gone through, as the world is so hungry for real, true testimonies, like yours.

    While reading your book, I was thinking that I would love to see your book translated into other languages, so it could benefit the Body of Christ all around the world.

  28. Greg Foote

    This book is not just a true story about Lynda’s major accident and then, 3 years later, her miraculous healing; but a wonderful testimony of God’s working, time and again through her person and family.

    It is very well written, and truly inspiring! God will speak to you from its pages.

  29. Frank

    I was impacted by the responsibility that leaders and health professionals carry to care for those under their charge. Lynda was clearly a victim of poor leadership and care. As a trained nurse it must have been so difficult for her to have not experienced the empathy she deserved following her accident.

    Lynda’s in-depth belief in God was inspiring and without it this book may never have been written.

  30. Joy

    Lynda’s book has shown me, and many of my friends that I have shared the book with, that God is alive today and that today He does still heal. Lynda’s faithfulness stands out against all the odds. The miracle of being healed after her accident was powerful. But I was really impacted by the influence of generational sin in the process of Lynda’s healing.

    I was blessed to see God give Lynda a soul-mate and a family, but not without pain or suffering. As a mother I really felt Lynda’s grief and pain at the loss of her 3 children.

    You won’t want to put this book down until you have finished reading it!

  31. Jenny

    I was so touched by Lynda’s story. Lynda writes clearly and honestly about her struggles, and God’s faithfulness to her throughout.
    God never promises us an easy road, but He does promise to be with us, and Lynda shows that He is faithful through such sadness and difficulty – and God has brought such joy!
    I was so excited in the way God healed Lynda – the whole person – physical, spiritual and emotional. And it was so gently and beautifully done, and the setting! At a Christian health professionals conference!
    Thank you to Lynda and her family for sharing her story.

  32. Katrina

    Amazing story! I was in tears for alot of the book! I love the way God works! I was so touched by the story of Lynda’s children – they are such a blessing. It will be so wonderful when Lynda’s whole family is together for the first time in Heaven someday!

  33. Linda Cowie

    This is a book to be read with a box of tissues! I had heard parts of Lynda’s story through our mutual friend inge and had been called to pray for her at different points of her journey.
    Her deep love and devotion to our Lord Jesus is inspiring and encourages us to press in and trust Him even more when things don’t look like you want them too.

  34. Jeff Lloyd

    Having known Lynda for much of her life, and knowing her story from a distance, I was thrilled to read her story first hand. I am astounded again by the power and possibilities of God, through trial and suffering, and the gracious hand of God in Lynda and her family.

  35. Peter Mann

    As Lynda’s pastors for the majority of the timeframe of her story, my wife & I were privileged to receive the pastor’s blessing of watching God at work in Lynda’s life & that of her immediate & extended family. The book is one of the best testimonies of God’s grace & healing power I have ever read. It is well written & easy to read, it’s now 2:30 am, I couldn’t stop reading it.

    Testimonies sound wonderful when they’re told, but before the testimony comes the valley, & the fight for victory. I found this book very moving & inspirational. A story of Lynda’s faith walk through many difficult circumstances, Lynda is very real & honest in describing her fears & struggles as she faced challenge after challenge.

    I recommend this book to anyone, Christian & non believers alike, it’s a powerful tool to point the way to Jesus for anyone searching for a real experience with God in the midst of challenging & difficult circumstances.

  36. Liz Griffin

    This book is definitely a best recommended Christmas gift for you to give to your loved ones. It tells the story of how Jesus totally restored Lynda’s shattered life, miraculously. Amazing. I have already bought six copies as Christmas presents!

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