Explaining the Resurrection

Explaining the Resurrection


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Explaining Biblical Meditation


Campbell McAlpine teaches on Biblical Meditation as a means of drawing closer to God. Biblical meditation can often be overlooked. It is however a fruitful way to engage with the Lord Jesus.

McAlpine provides a thorough explanation of what biblical meditation is in a scripturally grounded way. He covers why we should meditate and what spiritual rewards can be gained from it. A practical explanation of how to meditate upon the Bible is also given. He considers aspects such as:

  • How to discern God’s voice
  • What to meditate on
  • and many more.

McAlpine encourages practical application from this book into your life. Study questions and prayers are provided at the end of each chapter to help , so that you can receive a fuller, more authentic experience with God. This book therefore is an excellent resource for personal or group study.

Each book in the Explaining Series is just 64 pages. It focuses on a vital aspect of Christian faith and doctrine. The books are written in a style that presents the Bible’s teaching with clarity and simplicity.

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ISBN: 9781852406851
64 pages


  1. P. E. Colhoun

    This book taught me so much about meditation and how to apply it in my prayer life. Its well written and very easy to understand. I would recommend it for everyone who is serious about growing deeper into God.

  2. Eva s

    The Bible tells us that meditation is the key to success and lasting changes for good in our lives. However, I think many people don’t really understand “how to” meditate.( I know I didn’t). So , I’m so glad I found out about this book. Very simple, easy to understand, and not too lengthy. A how-to and practical application that anyone can learn to to do right away after reading this book. Would recommend it.

  3. dr u okoye

    Really recommend this book! Has taught me so much about Biblical Medication, why do it, and most especially HOW to do it
    Easy to read, and a real blessing

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