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Why Pray For Israel? Ken Burnett


The world’s attention focuses on the conflict raging in and around Israel. This book inspires to partake in God’s plans for Israel through prayer and intercession.

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Israel is a conundrum, not only for world politicians and leaders, but also for the Church. One may take a political position with Israel. Or feel the indignation through the policies of this tiny nation. However, one thing is made absolutely clear in the Old and New Testament of the Bible: Israel was and still is a chosen nation. It is set apart as a beacon for God’s redemptive plans as we move towards the End of the Age.

Whilst the world’s critical attention is focused on the conflict raging within and around Israel, this book will inspire you to be part of God’s plans for Israel through prayer and intercession.

Out of a lifetime’s experience of inspiring and leading people to pray for Israel, Ken Burnett illustrates the hope we should all have in God’s covenant with Israel.

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About Author

Ken Burnett was one of the most influential persons to have brought to the attention of the Church the enormous significance Israel has within the plans and purposes of God. Early in 1969, under the Lord’s leading, Ken Burnett began a prayer ministry, which became known as Prayer For Israel (PFI). In 1982 it became a Registered Charity, over which a group of Trustees was formed with the main aims of fostering prayer, providing biblical teaching and relieving hardship and distress in Israel and elsewhere. PFI has since been an instrument by which other leaders have been raised to head up numerous pro-Israel ministries, and the work continues strongly.




September 2009


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