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Hope and Healing for the Abused. Paul and Liz Griffin


Why Pray For Israel? Ken Burnett

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Grounds for Living. Jack Hayford

Sound Teaching for Sure Footing in Growth and Grace


Grounds for Living provides a rich exposition of God’s Word.  Without losing sight of how Biblical truths may be applied to our lives daily. With sensitivity, wisdom and insight, Jack Hayford guides the reader through various biblical themes, uncovering truths critical to a steadfast walk with God.

Foundational  doctrines and principles covered include:

· The Eternal Godhead
· The Fall of Man
· God’s Plan of Salvation
· Grace, Repentance and Acceptance
· The Baptism with the Holy Spirit
· What Will Happen When Jesus Comes?

Grounds for Living represents Jack Hayford’s vision to disciple and train mature, spiritually vibrant, biblically strong, theologically balanced, Spirit-empowered Christians. His desire is that all followers of Christ would be equipped to serve Him boldly and effectively.

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ISBN: 9781852402891
256 pages


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