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Dangers of Alternative Ways to Healing. David Cross and John Berry


In God’s Image. Marcel Rebiai

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Rescue from Rejection. Denise Cross

Finding Security in God's Loving Acceptance


Rejection can be a consequence of unhealed emotional wounds received from as early as conception. This book helps bring these wounds to light.  The teaching can minister deeply into the lives of those that need help.

Denise Cross has extensive experience teaching and ministering on the subject of rejection. She explores the roots of why we feel rejected. Then she shares how we can overcome the power it has, often unwittingly, over our lives.

With Biblical foundations evident throughout the teaching, Denise helps the reader understand how we see ourselves can be distorted through experiences of rejection. Use this book to walk a path of self-acceptance and breathe new life into your relationship with others and with God!

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ISBN: 9781852405380
160 pages


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