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There Is Always Enough. Rolland and Heidi Baker


Rescue from Rejection. Denise Cross

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Dangers of Alternative Ways to Healing. David Cross and John Berry

How to Avoid New Age Deceptions


This book explains many forms of alternative therapies. It covers what they are and provides clear guidelines on how spiritually safe or unsafe they might be.

The authors point to the early history and principles of alternative healing methods. This helps the reader to understand the spiritual origins of new age healing practices. Many of these practices, including reflexology, yoga and acupuncture, to name just a few, have seen a rise in popularity even amongst some Christians. But are these healing practices spiritually safe and what are the consequences?

This book highlights the dangers of alternative healing methods. It also provides positive steps you can take towards true wholeness and well- being in our lives. The teaching in this book will help those who have been involved in alternative therapies themselves and want to free from the effects.

This book is part of Sovereign World’s ‘Truth & Freedom’ series based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries International.

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ISBN: 9781852405373
176 pages


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