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Life Lessons From the Hiding Place


Standing in the Gap

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Manifest Presence

Expecting a Visitation of God's Grace Through Worship


Through this fascinating and anointed study of God’s Word, you will learn to approach God’s throne with praise that welcomes His creative touch. You will discover the immense privilege of worship, as well as the many forms it takes and the promise it holds for calling your hopes and dreams into life.

Join Pastor Jack as he reveals God’s passion for this global, and very personal, awakening. God is ready to enter the arena of human circumstance – to reveal Himself in spiritual power today in your life – as you usher in the glory of His manifest presence.

Jack Hayford invites you to search into the depth and breath of what the Holy Spirit is doing and why worship is utterly essential. “The Holy Spirit is summoning believers everywhere; the whole world is being touched with a sense of the Spirit’s moving us to worship the living God…”

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ISBN: 9781852404208
288 pages


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