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Life Lessons From the Hiding Place

Discovering the heart of Corrie Ten Boom


Subtitle: Discovering the heart of Corrie Ten Boom

Since The Hiding Place was first published in 1971, this story of courage, faith and survival has inspired and strengthened millions. But what makes Corries ten Boom’s story so special? And why has it become one of the best-known Holocaust survivor stories in the world?
Pam Rosewell Moore invites you to get to know Corrie ten Boom better than ever before. As Corrie’s constant companion for the last seven years of her life, Pam offers a pentrating glimpse into how Corrie’s faith was formed and how she shared that faith with others before and after World War II.
In these pages you will find intriguing personal letters among the Ten Boom family members, stories of selfless service as the war ravaged Europe, and Corrie’s reflections on a life lived in submission to God. You will learn important lessons of trust, hope, obedience, service and forgiveness, and what it means to walk as a child of the light. As you discover the heart of a woman who gave herself wholly to Jesus, you will find the strength and encouragement to live your own life with Corrie’s brand of faith and love.

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ISBN: 9781852403980


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