Israel, Land of God's Promise

Israel, Land of God’s Promise


Forgiveness – God’s Master Key

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Understanding Leadership


Tom Marshall gives fresh perspectives on the essence of New Testament leadership. He describes how and why it is distinct from management, administration, or ministry. He offers clear guidance on topics such as:

  • Foresight
  • Trust
  • Criticism
  • Caring
  • Status
  • Timing
  • Failure
  • Honour

Understanding Leadership emphasizes lifestyle and attitude. It helps you nurture interdependence while maintaining identity and integrity with your church, business or community.

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ISBN: 9781852404963
224 pages


  1. Dr. David R. Bess

    This book is one of the best titles I have read that applies specifically to Christian leaders. There are many works available that address leadership in general, but ones that give a uniquely Christian perspective are harder to find. Marshall has an excellent work here, and I recommend it highly to all Christian leaders. I especially recommend it to young pastors who are preparing for a life of service as a pastor. Everything rises and falls on good Christian leadership. In twenty years of pastoral ministry, I have seen many of Marshall’s principles verified through my own mistakes and shortcomings. This book will be a great help in avoiding many of the pitfalls that plague Christian leaders.

  2. Laurie B.

    Fabulous Book…quick service.

  3. Jeannette

    great for insight during study of the church.

  4. Tatadra Fj

    Excellent condition

  5. Nightrider

    A most helpfull book that gets right to the core.

  6. Thomas A. Nite

    I have served as a pastor and missionary for many years. I have taught Christian leadership at the Bible College and Seminary level. This is by far the best book on Christian leadership I have read. I highly recommend it. Marshall’s insights into servant leadership go beyond what others have written. When you read the book you get the sense that Marshall knows from personal experience what he is writing about. Marshall also gives insight into what is wrong with most of the leadership you will encounter around the world. The principles he gives apply, not only to those in Christian leadership, but to all who desire to use leadership the way our Creator intended.

  7. kdanso

    book in perfect condition

  8. Annabelle Egginton

    Excellent read on real leadership and what it means and doesn’t mean. Good for self-correction where it is needed and also an excellent insight on why some people can’t lead. Indispensable to anyone in a leadership position or on on their way to.

  9. Richard Tavener

    This book looks at the nature and problems of leadership, particularly in Christian organisations (although the principles have general application). The problems of power are discussed and the antidote of servant leadership, as modeled by Christ, is proposed. Other topics covered are coping with criticism, stress management, relationships and trust, and love and honour. There is a valuable chapter on failure in leadership. A book to study and digest carefully.

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