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Trapped by Control


(11 customer reviews)

Wrongful control spoils relationships and seriously damages lives. This book takes a closer look at how and why people control and is ideal for those who want to understand ungodly control and find the keys to walking in freedom.


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Control can be godly or ungodly, depending on whose authority is in place. It’s harmful to us when it undermines our freedom to choose what is right. For many of us, the Lordship of Jesus is continually being challenged by ungodly controls that come from people, past and present situations, and even from within ourselves – fear being one of the key issues.

The enemy is seductive and deceptive. His primary aim is to gain control through our sinful beliefs and behaviours. When control is not in the hands of God it’s in the hands of the kingdom of darkness.

Wrongful control spoils relationships and seriously damages lives. This book takes a closer look at how and why people control. Controlling behaviour is always a symptom of a deeper issue; it’s a sinful response to inner wounding and insecurity.

As God reveals the roots of control we can choose to forgive those who have hurt us and receive His comfort, His acceptance and His healing at a deep level. This book is therefore ideal for those who want to understand ungodly control in their own lives or in others and find the keys to walking in freedom.

This book is part of Sovereign Word’s ‘Truth & Freedom’ series based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries International.

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About Author

David Cross is a member of the International Executive of Ellel Ministries. He graduated from Nottingham University in 1969 and qualified as a chartered civil engineer, leading to a varied working career, which included building roads and bridges in the Highlands of Scotland and, in the early 1980’s, overseeing the construction of new town development in the New Territories area of Hong Kong. It was here that a huge personal change of direction occurred when he gave his life to Jesus.

Returning to Scotland, David became very active in church life and in leading ski tours in the Cairngorm Mountains. In order to further the Christian healing ministry in the Highlands, as an elder in the Church of Scotland, he and others in the local church made contact with Ellel Ministries in 1991, and two years later David and his wife Denise joined the Ministry at the international headquarters of Ellel Grange, near Lancaster.

David and Denise have three children and eight grandchildren, all giving much joy in the midst of very busy lives. Besides the thrill of sharing God’s truth through teaching and writing, David loves walking and photography. His authoritative explanation of God’s word has brought understanding and healing to many who have been confused and damaged by the ungodly ideologies of today’s world.

David has written eight books: Soul-Ties, The Unseen Bond in Relationships; God’s Covering, A Place of Healing; Trapped by Control, How to Find Freedom; The Dangers of Alternative Ways of Healing, How to Avoid New Age Deceptions (with John Berry); A-Z Guide to the Healing Ministry; What’s Wrong with Human Rights? Uncovering a False Religion; Tweet-sized thoughts about God-sized issues and God’s Way out of Depression.




December 2008

11 reviews for Trapped by Control

  1. Teresa Dexter

    Brilliantly helpful book

  2. W Jones

    Clearly explaned

  3. Auntie Ria

    I read this book within a day. Easy to read, interesting and informative bringing clarity into a very difficult situation. Towards the end It has step by step instructions in how to get free, encouraging you to pray with others who will support you. You read this sort of book to give you knowledge and understanding but you have to be ready to acknowledge that where you may have been controlled, you also have controlled which isn’t pleasant to have to face up to but it’s about taking responsibility for your own life to be able to move forward. I will dip in and out of it as is necessary and I would highly recommend it for anyone in a similar situation or who wants to help someone in a situation like this.

  4. B.E.

    Excellent read, simple and straight to the point. Has certainly given me a lot of clarity and understanding concerning the topic.

  5. daisy

    The book is clear, easy to read and focused on Jesus. He brings freedom.

  6. anon

    Great insight to the whys behind that whats. It was encouraging and braught healing into my life. A must readd

  7. Mrs M S Pagdin

    A very insightful book, giving an understanding of some of the pressures which have made people as they are, and how to address the resulting problems

  8. Mr D

    Another classic from Ellel Ministries, very informative.

  9. anon

    Excellent book. Sometimes when we are trapped in a controlled situation we forget who we really are and we learn to live, cope and carry on. We get sick physically and spiritually. This book helps us recognize control from others, ourselves and things we are bound to and the steps to coming back to Godly control.

  10. Dangermouse10

    I would recommend this book, it’s an easy read, straightforwardly written. Worth reading & helpful to anyone who has control issues because of being hurt & everyone else too as there can’t be anyone who hasn’t had to deal with control in some shape or form.

  11. Megan Kristen

    Really good book, eye opening! I’ve read it a couple of times already because there was a lot in it that was really useful to think about.

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