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Israel, Land of God’s Promise

Israel, Land of God's Promise
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God’s Prophetic Agenda – For the End of Days!

For the End of Days!


The driving force behind world history is nothing more and nothing less than the fulfilment of God’s purposes. Throughout Biblical history God challenged His people to read the signs of the times. As we draw towards the end of days it is vital that we know in which season we are living right now and discern God’s purposes for the future.
Natural disasters, global ethnic conflicts and terrorism, lawlessness and materialism are all clues to the times we are living in. However these signs are not enough to recognize with certainty that we are in the very end of days.
The author steers the reader carefully through the major prophetic scriptures, opening our eyes to a breadth of spiritual insight that will envision you in your Christian walk. The strategy of God’s agenda is profoundly explored, encouraging each reader to search the Scriptures afresh and give heed to what the Word of God has to say concerning these last days.

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ISBN: 9781852405076
205 pages


  1. Scepter

    I believe this was first released under the name As in the Days of Noah, and to read this updated revision only proves that the author does, indeed, have a prophetic ear. Mr. Facius is a well respected international intercessor and has been leading large and small groups into the deep waters of prophetic prayer and intercession for a good many years.I pray he shares more insights that are needed in these last days.

  2. A. Fazio

    I appreciate Facius’ balance between recognizing the need for the Holy Spirit’s working and the need for absolute grounding in the Scriptures.

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