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The Parables of Jesus. Dr R T Kendall


The Prodigal Son, The Mustard Seed, The Sheep and the Goats…Through these and dozens more parables Jesus helped His followers, then and now, to grasp spiritual truths about the Kingdom of God and how Kingdom people should live. In this book, Dr. R.T. Kendall unwraps Jesus’ simple stories one by one and uncovers profound meaning.

Why did Jesus reveal so much about the Kingdom in His teaching? “He was building a bridge from the natural to the spiritual” writes Kendall. Dr Kendall shows how Jesus used parables to sow seeds in the listener’s heart that could later grow and bear fruit. Readers will learn how parables safeguard the secrets of God, reveal His sovereignty, and actually survey salvation – from conversion, through the work of the Holy Spirit, to what happens to a believer at death.

As readers begin to understand the purpose, promise and paradox of the parables, they will get to know in a fresh way, the One who told them. Two thousand years ago and today, the parables enliven and enlighten the hearts of all who have ears to hear.

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ISBN: 9781852405342


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