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Demons Defeated


Well-known evangelist Bill Subritzky describes how believers can be released from demonic oppression. In more than thirty years of ministry he has seen God set free thousands of Christians, including ministers and church leaders. Demons Defeated has become a classic handbook on deliverance.

The author answers the question of whether a Christian can have a demon. He examines various methods to be set free, and teaches how deliverance can be maintained. He exposes the dangers of involvement with the occult, cults and non-Christian religions. The book also includes prayers for deliverance, release from curses, soul ties and Freemasonry.

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ISBN: 9781852401856
256 pages


  1. Peter A Hambolu

    I love it

  2. maz

    thank you book met all my expectations

  3. LuvBug

    this book is great..very informative.. all for the glory of GOD john3:16

  4. Reggie

    I like the fact that the writer does not hold back and speaks from his personal experience!

  5. American

    This book instructs believers (Christians) how to do battle in the spirit-realm with demons (fallen angels).
    Go and learn what that means.
    Buy the book and study it.

  6. Anon

    Excellent book for anyone engaged in Ministry

  7. Janet Hession

    Brilliant book

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