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Journey to Freedom Book 3 – Our Faithful God. Peter Horrobin


Journey to Freedom Book 5 – Jesus, Healer & Deliverer. Peter Horrobin

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Journey to Freedom Book 4 – Jesus, Our Living Hope. Peter Horrobin

Personal Transformation - One Step at at Time. Understanding the Gospel and Living it Out.


The heart of Book 4 is, simply, Jesus. We look at:

  • The prophecies about the coming Messiah
  • Jesus’s early life
  • His temptations
  • The beginnings of His ministry
  • The call and commissioning of His disciples.

Then we learn deep lessons from the final teachings Jesus shared with His disciples. A hugely practical book in the series, full of life-application teaching.

Peter Horrobin takes the reader on a step-by-step journey of personal transformation – one day at a time. The restoration of God’s order in a person’s life is Peter’s objective as this is the foundation for both healing and discipleship. The testimonies from those who have done the Journey to Freedom series are truly amazing.

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ISBN: 9781852407612
316 pages


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