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The Missing Commandment Love Yourself. Jerry and Denise Basel


Healing the Human Spirit. Ruth Hawkey

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It Isn’t Free and It Isn’t Masonry. Otto Bixler

A Doorway to Release from Freemasonry’s Unseen Curses for Masons, Their Families and Descendants


Freemasonry in your direct family bloodline or by personal involvement results in personal problems not usually attributed to this source. This book will help you discover, diagnose and remove those personal problems.

Join the many who are now free to live their lives as God intended. Mental freedom, spiritual sensitivity and freedom, physical restoration from many illnesses, recovery from financial difficulties. These are all available to those seeking help from God to set them free from the curses of Freemasonry.

This book is founded on the Word of God, steeped in twenty-four years of ministry experience, and is illuminated by the Holy Spirit. It Isn’t Free and It Isn’t Masonry will lead you to discover the truth about God and then it brings truth concerning the deceptions of Freemasonry. Through a set of amazing, scripted prayer ministry dialogues you can, by the power of God obtain new freedom and healing.

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ISBN: 9781852408701
378 pages


  1. Robert A. Avila

    This book addresses the spiritual truth of modern Freemasonry. It will be valuable to any person descended from a mason, any person looking for a breakthrough, for any person learning about deliverance, and also for every Christian- especially those who desire a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

  2. James D. Stoesz

    This is a great book for anyone who has been involved in Freemasonry or has family members who are involved. It is balanced, well researched and has detailed information on how to get out from under the curses of Freemasonry.

  3. Inge Verschoor

    This book is important in that it exposes Freemasoney and shows people how to be delivered from its curses.

  4. Jessica

    This book changed my life. It opened my eyes and I will never be the same. If you have any family members involved with free masonry, Mormonism, or any occult really, please read this book.

  5. Zack Peters

    Very interesting !

  6. David James

    This is a strong introduction to the subject of Freemasonry. It is true to the title as it provides understanding of the historical development of the Freemason Organization and its impact on society and families through generations. It is not freeing, but is as suggested by the title extraordinarily costly.

  7. Anon


  8. Robin C

    Didn’t learn anything from this book I didn’t already know, but I’d strongly recommend it as a means of personal prayer for freedom from FM. Excellent resource of prayers etc. to pray.

  9. sandraA

    Clear steps to freedom! Otto has done a great job of explaining the changes in masonry and their effects on generations of family members. Well done and if you have masonry in your background, a very clear expose of what happens to the family . Secrecy is NEVER good, and this book reveals many reasons why. Well done.

  10. Anon

    Book was pretty good.

  11. Elaine Golden

    Gifted it

  12. John A. Zachman

    All is not what it appears to be!

  13. Roger W. Bullard

    Very well researched, written and edited by several people. This message of great importance to set people from the curses of Freemasonry into freedom.

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