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Foundations for Healing. Peter Horrobin


Living the Life DVD Study Guide Bulk Package (5). Peter Horrobin

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Tweet-sized thoughts on God-sized issues. David Cross


Welcome to this “dip-into” book. Over the last few years, I have enjoyed sharing each day a personal thought, related to my Christian journey, on the social medium of Twitter. I have found it to be a helpful opportunity to focus my ideas on a particular issue. It enables me to express, in a few words, a viewpoint on sometimes very challenging topics.

In this book I have selected nearly three hundred of these daily thoughts. My hope is that readers will find an encouragement for their walk with Jesus, as they reflect on the contents of this book.

The thoughts are grouped into four sections:

  • Pursuing the ways of God
  • Dealing with the ways of the Evil One
  • Thoughts on the ways of God’s healing
  • Some final thoughts.

There’s also a section at the end of the book pointing to Bible verses related to each page of thoughts.

I also have added a like and share symbol after each thought, to suggest that the reader might consider the personal relevance of the particular topic. And maybe there is someone who would benefit from the thought being shared. I trust that, in some measure, the Lord will bless you and inspire you through the pages that follow.

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ISBN: 9789492259288
121 pages


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