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Sarah. Sarah Shaw


Explaining the Trinity. Jack Hayford

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The Power of Godly Wisdom. Rob Jones


In an age when secular wisdom is thrust upon us by the media and in our schools, the importance of nurturing godly wisdom in our lives, families and congregations has never been greater. Understanding God’s perspective in the issues we face day by day is a mandatory part in living and maintaining a true Christian Life. The Power of Godly Wisdom is a book that unravels the meaning of wisdom and how each one of us can receive this life–changing gift of the Holy Spirit.
Wisdom empowers our Christian life. The author explains the process of renewing our minds in Christ, a process that releases God’s wisdom. The work of the Holy Spirit is at the core of Rob’s teaching, examining how renewal of our minds can only take place when we practice godly behaviour. This especially includes choosing what influences us in daily life.
The Power of Godly Wisdom challenges each reader with the passionate vision of living a true and godly life by learning a wisdom that isn’t valued by the world but nonetheless transforms our minds and helps us fulfil the call in our lives.

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ISBN: 9781852404697


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