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Thriving Despite A Difficult Marriage. Charles Misha


Devoiler les Dangers Derriere les Arts Martiaux et le Yoga. Dr Vito Rallo

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The Miracles of Pierrepont. Peter Horrobin


Peter Horrobin raised a desperate cry for help to God for a place where Christians can be healed, trained and equipped as effective disciples of Jesus Christ.  This remarkable book tells the story of how God answered with a vision and provision for an Ellel Ministries ‘teaching hospital’ at Ellel Ministries Pierrepont. This is the miraculous account of how this vision was brought to fulfilment.

Jill Southern-Jones, who has been Director of the work at Ellel Pierrepont since its beginning, shares her inspiring testimony. God called her out of secular work, into full time ministry to lead this challenging new adventure of faith.

As the story unfolds you will be taken on an extraordinary journey. Punctuated with accounts of the miraculous, she shares how God transformed an empty, derelict school into a dynamic hub of training and ministry.

The work at Ellel Pierrepont God has impacted the nations. The accounts of how God met the practical and financial needs is a dynamic testimony to the grace of God in the face of seeming impossibility.

Above all, this book is a testimony to God’s unwavering faithfulness when we follow him in obedience, irrespective of the challenges that have to be faced along the way.

This book will most definitely build your faith and trust in God.

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ISBN: 9781852407407
192 pages


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