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Illusions of Intimacy


The Power of a New Identity

The Power of a New Identity

The Fasting Key

How You Can Unlock Doors to Spiritual Blessing


Fasting is a discipline that has been practised by many influential men and women of God throughout church history.  It brings dramatic results.

When Mark Nysewander began to study the subject of fasting some years ago, he was shocked by the number of biblical references referring to it.  Clearly fasting was not some biblical “side issue”, but a central element of spiritual life.  He says, “Fasting has become an essential part of my walk with the Lord. It continues to amaze me that I lived for so long without this key that unlocks so many blessings.”

Using the metaphor of a key, this book discusses how Fasting will unlock the blessings of God.

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ISBN: 9781852407469
128 pages


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