The Ingathering of Israel

The Ingathering of Israel. Esther Lever


Listening with Understanding. Clifford Hill

Listening with Understanding

Stepping Stones to the Father Heart of God. Margaret Silvester


Facilitates your journey from a distorted self-image to an image based on the Word of God and revelation from the Holy Spirit.

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Earthly fathers are meant to be windows on the father heart of God. Sadly, parenting can fall well short of this image. As a consequence we can have a poor understanding of what God truly thinks of us. As a result we can spend our lives struggling with fears and insecurity. Today, more than ever, people have a love hunger which never seems satisfied. It leads many searching in the wrong places to find fulfilment for their deep needs.

One of the most defining aspects of Christianity, compared to other religions, is that God is also known as “Father”. Jesus even instructs us to approach God this way through the Lord’s Prayer. The revelation of the Father heart of God has for many been a major step on the road to true wholeness, and away from the anxiety of performance based striving to please God.

As you move along the stepping stones described in this book, you will move from a distorted self-image based on abandonment, neglect, rejection or abuse to an image based on the Word of God and revelation from the Holy Spirit – meaning you can finally remove your distance from God and experience the love and freedom there is to be had through a heavenly Father relationship.

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