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A-Z Guide to the Healing Ministry. David Cross


Islam, Israel and the Church. Marcel Rebiai

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Right Relationships. Tom Marshall

How to Create Them, How to Restore Them


Relationships Matter! They are at the heart of all good and bad human experiences. First, our relationship with God needs to be in order. For then it is possible to apply godly principles to the establishment of right relationships with others and the restoration of relationships that have gone wrong.

This life giving book will show you how this can become real for you. It addresses:

  • the nature of relationships
  • the factors which make them work
  • dynamic and well tried solutions for those relationships that have gone wrong.

The scriptural truths in this book are eternal keys to us fulfilling our human destiny.

Right Relationships has been universally acclaimed as one of the best treatments of this subject and has become a standard textbook on relationships worldwide.

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ISBN: 9781852407377
160 pages


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