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Why Me? Jacob Damkani


The Bait of Satan. John Bevere

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Prepare Your Heart for the Midnight Cry. R. T. Kendall

A call to be ready fo Christ's return


This thrilling volume will help readers prepare their hearts in expectation, be watchful for the approaching work of God, and build a deeper relationship with Him.Through Spirit-inspired teaching, respected scholar and theologian R. T. Kendall uses Jesus’s parable of the ten virgins to describe the condition of the church in the last days.Many Charismatics and Pentecostals assume that what we have seen in the one hundred years since Azusa Street is the final movement of God before the Second Coming. Kendall explains that this is not so and reveals that a movement of the Holy Spirit, which is one hundred times greater than anything yet experienced – indeed the greatest since Pentecost – is about to unfold. It’s time to wake up!

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ISBN: 9780281077724
190 pages


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