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But don’t all religions lead to God? Michael Green


Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts & Yoga. Vito Rallo

Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts & Yoga
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Loved Like Never Before. Ken Symington

Discovering the Father Heart of God


This book is for those who want to feel the real love of God but can’t. It is easy to know God’s love in the mind, however many find it difficult to believe in their heart.

The author identifies the fundamental issues that stop a person from receiving and experiencing the love of God in all its fullness. Ken shows how we can distort our image of Father God through our own false perceptions of Him. He passionately reaches out to those who have a broken father image and sets about to repair it.

With a warm and conversational style the author powerfully demonstrates every individual’s value to Father God. He leaves the reader in no doubt just how loved and wanted we are. Ken has ministered at a deep level in people’s lives for over a decade.

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ISBN: 9781852405854
160 pages


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