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Israel, The Ingathering Goes On. Esther Lever


Esther’s adventures encourage and challenge each one of us as to what it means to be a fisher of men as an obedient servant of the Lord.

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None of us know what will happen if we are prepared to lay everything down, sell what we have and be obedient to God’s calling. This is what happened to Esther Lever in her 50’s after the death of her husband, when she asked God to give her something to do. Little did she know she was to be completely dependent on God’s provision and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, speaking to Jewish communities in far flung parts of the world.

This is her second book recounting the adventures she had as she learned to discern God’s voice and be completely obedient. As she did, she saw God bring about the most amazing miracles in the most unusual of places. Esther Lever was one of those extraordinary people one meets perhaps once or twice in a lifetime; people who impact one’s life in a way that is inspiring and thrilling and cause us to yearn for a deeper walk with God.

If you believe in God’s eternal purposes for the Jewish people and His supernatural provision for those that are prepared to follow His calling, you will not be able to put this book down.
Amongst the dramatic travelogue are tender moments: there is the true account of three clothing parcels, each package lovingly prepared for a baby, a toddler and a man. Each is given to a perfect stranger, in divine coincidences and timed to the second! A Bible is delivered personally to a Jew who alone, cares for a beautiful old synagogue in Rangoon. In Tiananmen Square, whilst visiting China Esther encounters two Christian ladies from Yorkshire taking communion. Then there is a “four-hour” journey – delayed by snow to last fourteen – all to find one, very elderly Russian gentleman in Kazakhstan and help him make Aliyah!

We read of the eccentricities of death-defying taxi drivers, extraordinarily dangerous road conditions, perilous flights overwhelmed by blizzards, the curiosities of interpreting, some indescribable food and unlikely accommodation. She visits the Palace of Esther in Iran, later narrowly avoiding a deadly confrontation with Islamic police. A journey to Syria includes the ancient Jobar synagogue in Damascus visited just one month prior to the outbreak of war. Every chapter bears testimony to the faithfulness of God and His Plans.

In this sequel to “The Ingathering of Israel” the author does not disappoint the reader.

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