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Homecoming – Our Return to Biblical Roots

Our Return to Biblical Roots


Every major teaching of the New Testament has roots deep in the Old Testament. Many Christians have been taught to interpret the Old Testament through the filter of the New. This book instead encourages us to return to our biblical roots. This means to interpret the New Testament through the filter of the Old just as the early apostles had done. The modern day church has lost much of its original Hebraic perspective that Jesus drew from so profoundly as He ushered in the new covenant.

Homecoming challenges us to re-adjust our study of scripture and to become Bible believers rather than just New Testa­ment believers. In an age where there are various winds of doctrine blowing, this book will provide solid foundations for understanding the roots of our faith. It is a homecoming of today’s church to it’s Hebraic past.

The book is split into three parts and is comprehensively indexed and referenced making it an ideal tool for theological studies.

The book will help answer questions such as:

  • How did Yeshua (Jesus) view the Tanach?
  • What is Israel’s significance in the plan of God?
  • Should Christians celebrate the Jewish Feasts?
  • How should believers relate to Jewish people?
  • What biblical rights do Moslems have in the Land of Israel?

Homecoming was previously published under the title, Roots of our Faith.

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ISBN: 9781852404673
320 pages


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