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Healing the One New Man – Matthew J. Moore


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In Ephesians 2, Paul talks about the One New man formed from both Jews and Gentiles through the work of Jesus on the cross. Just before the cross, Jesus’ fervent prayer was for oneness among his disciples and their spiritual progeny. But why then are there so many denominational divisions. In light of all the divisions, how will we ever realize the One New Man that Paul talks about and Jesus prayed for?

Despite the best intentions of many people to help foster unity and cooperation in the Church, there remains a wide gap between many believers, denominations and local churches. Healing of these rifts is definitely needed in the Body of Christ. Without this unity, the Church cannot fulfill its mission.

This book discusses a major root of disunity in the church and proposes a key that will promote unity and enhance the Church’s relationship with the Lord and with one another.

The answer to the problem of disunity lies in the deep recesses of Church history not too long after Jesus walked the earth. By examining these roots and dealing with them, the unity Jesus prayed for can be a reality.

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