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The Christian, Israel and the Hope of World Revival. Michael Eaton


To God be the Glory – Music CD

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God among us. Linda Baker Kaahanui

Glimpses of Glory in Baya, Mexico


The adventure began with Charla Pereau’s amazing story of faith in the Angel Award-winning book “Charla’s Children”. Twenty years later, God continues to reveal Himself in miraculous, powerful and personal ways through Charla’s ministry in Mexico. This book compiles many stories of God at work, using ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Out of failures, weakness, and laughably meagre resources, the miracle of dependence emerges proving that God is utterly dependable! As you meet the people involved, you will see stories of redemption, enacted again and again. Lives once ruined and discarded are touched and reborn by the power of God’s Spirit. For anyone who feels overwhelmed by failure or problems that seem hopeless, take heart! Here is proof that Jesus is indeed the great Redeemer. For anyone who has a desire to serve the King but is discouraged by a lack of talent, resources, or experience, take courage! Here is proof that your God is bigger than any lack. He seeks only those who are willing to obey.

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ISBN: 978185243802
224 pages


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