Explaining Prayer

Explaining Prayer


Explaining Covenants

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Explaining Deception


As Christians, we constantly face temptation and deception. Colin Urquhart explains what deception is and how it is present in our lives, while also looking at the Biblical warnings about deception. He exposes how we can be deceived:

  • By other religions
  • Satan
  • Through unbelief
  • False teaching
  • and even by ourselves.

The answer to deception is truth: Urquhart looks to the Bible to see what the truth is and how you can walk in the freedom truth brings.

The Explaining Series books have always been amongst Sovereign World’s bestsellers. Each book is just 64 pages and focuses upon a vital aspect of Christian faith and doctrine. They present the Bible’s teaching with clarity and simplicity.

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ISBN: 9781852403446
64 pages


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