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Does Your Tongue Need Healing? Derek Prince


Derek Prince. A Biography by Stephen Mansfield

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Does God Approve of War? Christopher Brearly


In the modern era, there is no sign of the ceasing of wars or the slowing of destruction. Wars are started with mixed motives, some through pure aggression and human wickedness, some out of territorial greed others out of defense or preemptive intent. With current war zones in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Darfur, Afghanistan and the potential threat of Iran’s nuclear capability, what should the Christian response be? “Does God Approve of War?” is a timely discussion on this very question. The author examines the nature of violence through scripture and how God was perceived through war. Using these scriptures, the reader is presented with a series of positions people take when responding to the notion of war and whether the motivation of war can be just or ultimately untenable. The author draws upon many examples from history to illustrate a variety of arguments that either defend the action of war or oppose it. Insights into war are derived from both the Old and New Testament – how do these historical events help us today to understand whether war can be justified in modern society. This book will help the reader approach this question critically and scripturally. “Does God Approve of War?” is ideal for study/home groups who want to tackle these sticky issues and have all the arguments to hand to help each individual come to their own conclusion on this complex matter.

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ISBN: 9781852404666


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