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The Church in the New Testament


Israël in het nieuws. Derek Prince

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Authority in Heaven – Authority on Earth


Highlighting our position in Jesus, this book helps bring victory in spiritual battles.

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This is a book with powerful consequence for any church that is seeking to find victory in its spiritual battles. The book covers three areas of important teaching on spiritual warfare:

  • Principalities and Powers
  • Binding and Loosing
  • Defensive Spiritual Warfare

The Author provides useful pointers to knowing our enemy and recognizing when we are under spiritual attack. He also explains some of the things we may be up against and how we can deal with them by occupying the ‘high ground’ and building an effective defence system, highlighting what our position is in Jesus.

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About Author

He and his wife were foundation members of the Wainuiomata Baptist Church. In the early 1960s he became involved in the Charismatic Renewal movement in New Zealand and left the Baptist Church to form a house church. He was subsequently invited to speak at both charismatic and mainstream Christian churches in New Zealand. In the 1970s he moved to the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington and was instrumental in forming the Kapiti Christian Centre. He was the founding editor of The Shaker magazine (later renamed Today's Christian). In the 1980s he spoke at many overseas conventions and was involved in the ministry of Youth with a Mission.



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Binding and Loosing, Principalities and Powers


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