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Soul Ties, The Unseen Bond in Relationships


Hastening the Coming of the Messiah

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Anger: How Do You Handle It?

How do you handle it?


Anger is the most powerful of emotions. It can be the driving force that enables us to achieve the seemingly impossible. Or it can be the stumbling block that traps us into a life style characterized by unforgiveness, bitterness, broken relationships and violence.

This book will help you recognise and understand your own emotions. Biblically based teaching will help you differentiate between righteous and unrighteous anger.  You will find help to identify the root causes of the anger you experience.

Keys presented in this book will explain how you can deal with the accumulation of anger from past events.  You will also learn how, moving forward, you can deal with the situations that cause you to feel angry. The book also provides much needed understanding for those in the caring ministries who are seeking to help those with ‘an anger problem’.

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ISBN: 9781852404505
112 pages


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