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The Gifts of the Spirit. Derek Prince


Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting. Derek Prince

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Marriage Covenant. Derek Prince

A Love Most People Only Dream About


The Biblical Secret fo a Love That Lasts

A Love Most People Only Dream About

Do you want to take your marriage to the next level?
Are you focusing on who is at fault in your relationship rather than what can be done?
Have you wondered how to divorce-proof your marriage so you won’t become the next statistic?

In Marriage Covenant, internationally acclaimed Bible teacher Derek Prince unravels the mysteries of marriage, revealing God’s purpose and plans for covenant relationship. In a straightforward but profound way, Derek explains God’s original intent for marriage, how to create an unbreakable relationship, how to take your marriage from bitter to blissful, and what specific qualities to look for in a spouse.

By following God’s plan, you can build a giving, passionate marriage. Together, you and your spouse will be able to face difficulties, overcome them, and emerge stronger and more united than ever.

Discover lasting principles for a happy, mutually fulfilling, and loving relationship.

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ISBN: The Biblical Secret fo a Love That Lasts
168 pages


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