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The Eternal Purpose of God. Lance Lambert


Releasing Heaven on Earth. Alistair P. Petrie

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The Great Adventure. Ken Symington

The challenge of really following Jesus


THE GREAT ADVENTURE: The challenge of really following Jesus by KEN SYMINGTON. Jesus’ enemies called Him many things but never dull. Following Jesus is not meant to be unexciting or monotonous. However, this is often the experience of many disciples today. What has gone wrong? How can we reclaim the life we see lived out in the New Testament, yet so often seems out of reach? In his trademark style of humor and revealing honesty, Ken Symington guides us on a path to deeper intimacy with the Master. He challenges readers to pursue Jesus in a way few have ever thought possible. If you’re ready to live like never before, then this book is the best place to start.

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ISBN: 9780987560841
141 pages


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