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When the Miracle Comes Slowly. Beatriz Benestad

Beatriz Benestad's Remarkable Mission to Colombia


This book is an amazing testimony of how God can use anyone in an impossible situation.  It is the remarkable story of a very remarkable lady! Faced with crippling rheumatoid arthritis as a child and having dozens of operations, Beatriz Benestad did not let her disability obliterate her vision. In her life she went on to both practise medicine and serve the Lord.

Having eventually qualified as a Doctor and Psychiatrist, she suffered a terrible accident while at work.  This resulted in her being a wheelchair user. However, even that did not blur her vision for serving the Lord as a missionary. Her journey of faith and amazing trust in God led to her become a missionary in Colombia, South America, leading the work of Ellel Ministries there.

Beatriz’s response to her calling and the unmistakeable hallmark of God on every stage of her life will challenge and encourage you. She shares her journey into mission service, despite all the practical difficulties.

For some the miracle does not come overnight.  For Beatriz, the real miracle is life itself and the pilgrimage she is on. “It’s easy to forget that if darkness did not exist, I would not be able to rejoice in the light,” she says.

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ISBN: 9781852407872
152 pages


  1. Tanya

    I just finished reading this book and it is really moving. I found myself often in tears as she shared the pain of her life, inspired as she shared her determination to follow Jesus and obey his call, and amazed by her vivid descriptions. Beatriz is a wonderful writer and inspiring woman. The book is very easy to read, although the message is challenging. I highly recommend it!

  2. CarolGrace

    You Must Read this Wondeerful Book: An Incredible story, written in a lyrically beautiful prose. Beatriz Benestad suffered so intensely, yet her strong Faith in The Lord Jesus, brought her through each and every difficult health situation. I attended a residential healing course with Beatriz for five months at Ellel Ministries NETS School, ‘Pierrepont’ Frensham, near Farnham, Surrey. England. She is truly an overcomer! Bless her! Carol~Grace

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