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God is Still Speaking. Brian Mills


Unreachable. Darrell Tunningley

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When Fables Fall. Arthur Francis Green

Unmasking the lies of distorted science, secularism and humanism


A new secular world is gradually consigning Christianity to the level of myth and has rejected the authority of scripture that once stood harmoniously with science and society. Mankind is replacing God with its own clever fables that are destined to fall. This book turns the tables against Christianity’s old and modern critics, and reasserts the veracity of Scripture in the face of this onslaught from the ranks of science, secularism and humanism. From ancient Greek thinkers to Darwin and Freud, the author brilliantly unmasks the weak science and philosophies that have been repeatedly peddled to usurp God from the new world we live in. The book will give assurance to those whose doubts are being played on by the fables taught by the World. It serves as a warning to the Church to not deviate from its core beliefs. With a clean style and robust content the author inspires the reader to reaffirm our belief that the Bible is absolute truth.

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ISBN: 9781852405939
238 pages


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