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To See God. Marcel Rebia


This devotional book is like a pack of multi-vitamins: It strengthens, builds you up, and is also a handbook on discipleship. It truly brings to us daily manna from heaven – from the Word and Spirit who feed us in Jesus’ name – in very spiritual and practical ways. It is written for ‘real people’, not saints… yet as these insights are taken to heart and lived out, one might ‘accidentally’ become a saint after the year is finished! Marcel Rebiai writes with clear biblical understanding and a wealth of experience born of living in a crucible of human conflict and interacting pastorally with people of many walks of life. His delivery is warm, as a spiritual father. Highly recommended to any believer who aches over the state of our world and is ready to pay the price to be part of God’s solution.

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ISBN: 9781852408046


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