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The Parables of Harris. Peter and Fiona Horrobin


“The day Harris came home our lives were changed for ever! From the moment he put his first huge paw over our thresh-hold, and took control of the home, we knew we were in for an adventure. It has proved to be!”

The true story of Harris, a black Labrador with character. His adventures and humorous exploits have become modern-day parables providing important insights into life.

This book contains some of those memorable moments – and some lessons Peter and Fiona Horrobin have learned from the experience. We trust you will enjoy reading it as much as they have enjoyed living it.

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ISBN: 9780954638009
128 pages


  1. eyeore (verified owner)

    If you love dogs and Christ this is an excellent short devotional or if you just want to read it straight through it will give you many delightful moments.

  2. Angela Kelly (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book – it was easy to read and funny but the lessons were profound and insightful.

  3. Rachel Clyde (verified owner)

    Harris was such a loved family member that he acted like family. His stories are funny and very meaningful.

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