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Rebuilding the Walls. Stuart Bell


Any 3: Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time: Lead Muslims To Christ Now! Mike Shipman

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Love Hunger. David Kyle Foster

A harrowing journey from sexual addiction to true fulfillment


A True Story of Homosexuality, Hope and Redemption

Homosexuality, prostitution, pornography, cults–secret sins rival the glitter of Hollywood for young actor David Kyle Foster. Winning wholesome television roles, his star on the rise, he is relieved to be free from his father’s harshness. But the desperate loneliness and sexual obsession that characterized his youth now accompany his rise to success–and bondage to a double life seems the only answer. Can Jesus’ love reach one so broken?

Whether you’re grappling with your own darkness or know someone who is, this gripping and inspiring memoir shows you that, no matter how bleak it may seem, there is always hope: God can heal and restore the soul that hungers for love.

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ISBN: 9780800795801
316 pages


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