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Grounds for Living. Jack W. Hayford

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Living the Life. Peter Horrobin

Practical Christianity for the Real World


Practical Christianity for the Real World [With DVD]

Uses real life testimonies, parables and illustrations to unlock difficult theological and life issues that often make us stumble through our Christian walk.

Chapter 1 – Who is God? And What’s He Like?;
Chapter 2 – Who am I? And Why am I Here?;
Chapter 3 – If God Really is God – Why is Life So Hard?;
Chapter 4 – God’s Rescue Plan for the Human Race;
Chapter 5 – Becoming a Disciple of the King;
Chapter 6 – Forgiveness;
Chapter 7 – Building on a Good Foundation;
Chapter 8 – Feeding on the Living Bread;
Chapter 9 – Dynamic Praying;
Chapter 10 – Weeding my Patch!;
Chapter 11 – Finding My Destiny;
Chapter 12 – Fellowship in the Church;
Chapter 13 – My Life is not My Own – The Key to Giving;
Chapter 14 – Living the Life in the Marketplace;
Chapter 15 – Recreation;
Chapter 16 – The Final Journey;
Chapter 17 – Prospects of Glory;
Chapter 18 – Pressing On!

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ISBN: 9781852404895
214 pages


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