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Strands of Destiny. Peter Horrobin

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Living Life – God’s Way. Peter Horrobin

Practical Christianity for the Real World


Peter Horrobin is best known for his books on healing and deliverance, but it is the teaching in this dynamic hand-book which provides the unshakeable foundations for a God-blessed, God-healed and God-directed life.

In eighteen very practical chapters Peter guides the reader through all the key issues of life. As if with a map and a compass, he grabs you by the hand and guides you through a landscape of hidden truths. What never seemed to make sense is suddenly crystal clear – even for the experienced Christian. Using real-life testimonies, parables and many illustrations Peter unlocks some of the most difficult issues that we have to contend with on life’s journey.

‘Living Life God’s Way’ is an immensely readable and practical guidebook for living the Christian life. Peter explains how true discipleship and a deep relationship with Jesus are the sure foundation for spiritual fruitfulness.

This book was written to help new Christians get established in their faith. However it also provides older Christians with the kind of realistic help that is needed to keep their lives on track with God.

Jim Graham, one of our most well-known and well-loved Pastors said in his Foreword, “I found something happened to my own walk with Jesus as I read this book.”

Note: This book accompanies the 18-part DVD series Living the Life. Originally published in 2008 under the title Living the Life.

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ISBN: 9781852407582
224 pages


  1. Barbara

    This is a great tool for any new or young christian who may want to know what to do next or even if he is on the right path.
    Get this for your library, especially if you are an evangelist or a mentor.

  2. A Kelly

    Peter Horrobin is a great teacher he makes difficult christian concepts easily understandable to all. This is a perfect tool for use in a cell/small group setting. A great gift for any new christian wanting to get their Christian fundamentals right.

  3. Anon


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