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God’s Remedy for Rejection. Derek Prince


God’s Word Heals. Derek Prince

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God’s Will for Your Life. Derek Prince


God’s Will for Your Life.

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Do you have a clear objective for your life? Or are you drifting through life, being carried here and there by the winds of habit and fashion, tossed by waves of circumstances over which you have no control? Herein lies one of the greatest benefits and blessings of the Christian life: to know God’s will. Derek Prince presents the keys to discovering God’s plans for your life, and he discusses how you can…

  • Receive supernatural restoration
  • Reap God’s promised rewards
  • Live free from deception
  • Become a channel of life to those around you
  • Find deep peace and personal satisfaction

Will you decide today to do God’s will? Without meeting this challenge, you could miss all that God has for you. Discover how you can have a new sense of purpose and experience God’s Will for Your Life.

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