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Explaining the Second Coming


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David Pawson goes to the original source, the Bible, and clearly explains what is written about the second coming. He looks at all aspects of what Jesus’ return will be like, why he has to return and how we should prepare.

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David Pawson teaches what the Bible says about the second coming of Christ. There can be confusion among Christians surrounding Christ’s return to earth. Pawson goes to the original source, the Bible, and clearly explains what is written about the second coming. He looks at:

  • All aspects of what Jesus’ return will be like
  • Why he has to return at all
  • How we should spiritually prepare for Christ’s second coming as individuals and a society with enthusiasm and excitement!

The Explaining Series books have always been amongst Sovereign World’s bestsellers. Each book is just 64 pages and focuses upon a vital aspect of Christian faith and doctrine. They are written in a style that presents the Bible’s teaching with clarity and simplicity.

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7 reviews for Explaining the Second Coming

  1. Mr. G. S. Ames

    There should be no doubt in the mind of any Christian or Jew or Muslim, that Jesus will return as promised.
    The Torah says so as does the Koran and the Bible, if you disagree then I would encourage you to take a look and see. What have you got to lose, read Davids book and check out the scriptures you you will find that you have everything to gain.

  2. Elaine

    Easy to understand and relate to, very pleased. Brilliant author. A must to read.

  3. David

    David Pawson’s scholarly mastery of the subject he loves, the Word of God, is evident throughout all his writings. And this one is no different. His writing is very clear for all of us laymen!

  4. Jill M McMahon

    Great book, worth reading, very informative and easy to understand. Great teaching by Mr Pawson once again

  5. Nora Cheng

    Jesus is indeed coming. Revelations is a book of the Bible I’ve always wanted to understand and David Pawson has written an enlightening but concise interpretation of the key events surrounding Jesus return to earth.

  6. Chegs

    Needs to be read by all Christians

  7. Rev. Terence Dobson

    very good indeed

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