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Explaining Spiritual Warfare. Ed Roebert


Explaining the Trinity. Jack Hayford

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Explaining the Holy Spirit. Bob Gordon


Bob Gordon teaches what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. There can be a hesitation among Christians to accept who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. Bob Gordon uses Scripture to explain this and encourages us to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He details what spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit offers according to the Bible, and how the Holy Spirit can illuminate your Christian walk. Gordon testifies to how he came to receive the Holy Spirit.  He then provides steps and a prayer so you can receive the Holy Spirit for yourself so you can walk in the fullness of the Christian life.

The Explaining Series books have always been amongst Sovereign World’s bestsellers. Each book is just 64 pages and focuses upon a vital aspect of Christian faith and doctrine. They present the Bible’s teaching with clarity and simplicity.

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ISBN: 9781852406554
64 pages


  1. LK

    Loved the way it explained and expanded my knowledge of the Holy Spirit and His role here on Earth and in the Holy Trinity

  2. Annalee Reid

    sometimes explaining the holy spirit can be difficult but if you know him there is no difficulty in explaining him.!!!

  3. A. Swann

    Liked the book by a well known bible teacher, normally I read part of a book then return to it later, but I could not put this short teaching book down. It gives an excellent testimony of the Holy Spirits work and how much we need him in our lives. I recommend it to all who ‘walk in the way’.

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