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But don’t all religions lead to God? Michael Green


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This great easy-to-read book is an essential guide to the differences between Christianity and other faiths. Dr Michael Green guides the reader through the increasingly disorientating ‘religious’ maze which people have to face in today’s world. Read about the truth that only Christ can lead us to the One True God.

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We’ve all heard the rationale: “It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you’re sincere.” Or “All religions are pretty much the same.” But are they the same? Does it matter which one you follow?

In this insightful and compelling book, Michael Green invites readers into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ is the divine revelation and only pathway to the one true God. In a conversational style geared toward non-believers, Green compares Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and other religions to help spiritual seekers navigate the multi-faith maze.

“But Don’t All Religions Lead to God?” is an ideal reference and evangelism tool for churches and individual Christians as well. It offers scriptural references, looks at how divergent religious traditions view salvation and eternity, and answers difficult questions such as “What about people who have never heard of Jesus? ” and “How should Christians regard other religions?”

In the midst of our pluralistic and tolerant culture, here is an important and convincing argument for faith in Jesus, the only great teacher whose death and resurrection provided grace, forgiveness, and an eternity in the presence of God.

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24 reviews for But don’t all religions lead to God? Michael Green

  1. kindred spirit (verified owner)

    This book helps you to understand where other relegions are coming from. Written by a Christian to help us understand and also see where other religions differ. You can draw your own conclusions. It makes the truths jump out and hit you in the face. Good for believers and unbelieves alike.

  2. Anon (verified owner)

    This is a very short, easy to read book. The author makes some sweeping statements that in and of themselves do not stand up logically, but they are useful for starting a discussion or inviting further exploration. I gave it to a seeker without hesitation.

    Don’t buy this book expecting a comprehensive apologetic or a survey of comparative religion. It is an intro Christian text designed to spur questioning and investigation.

  3. Userva3 (verified owner)

    As the author states from the beginning, he deliberately made this book short. I was surprised he was able to cover as much information as he did in so few pages. This is not a comparison of religions but more of a comparison of Jesus to other religious leaders. If you, or anyone you know, want to understand who Jesus is/was then I highly recommend this book.

  4. White owl (verified owner)

    I found the book very interesting as this is a question that is so commonly asked so would recommend it

  5. Gontropppo (verified owner)

    Michael Green has written another helpful book that will be very useful to people asking questions about Christianity. It is so good, it is worth buying a few copies so that you can have one available to give away when you are talking about the gospel with friends.
    He clears up many popular misconceptions such as
    1. It doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you are sincere
    2. All religions are pretty much the same
    3. All religions lead to God
    4. Jesus is only one of many great religious leaders
    In the last few chapters, he shows that Jesus is unique because He is the only one who
    * claimed to be able to show us what God is like
    * claimed to be able to deal radically with human wickedness
    * came back to life, showing that his promises were true
    * promised to live within us and help us to live satisfying lives which are pleasing to God
    I heartily recommend this book as a terrific source for people thinking about religion and people who are seeking to introduce their friends to Christ.

  6. Anon (verified owner)

    A great read for those who have questions about GOD. Not to long and to the point

  7. Anon (verified owner)

    Excellent information for Bible students and believers, but probably not so much for anti-Christians

  8. Anon (verified owner)

    While it would be impossible to cover each and every facet of every religion, Green has done a great job of taking the main points and tying everything together in an easy to understand book. Well done, good and faithful servant.

  9. Sharon S. (verified owner)

    The writer has interesting insights.

  10. B. Williams (verified owner)

    Good book. Very informative. Does good job of explaining the differences. I would highly recommend.

  11. Christine Brown (verified owner)

    Eye opening

  12. Michael Chandler (verified owner)


  13. JOHN (verified owner)

    Great read. 2 thumbs up!

  14. John M. Mabus (verified owner)

    I appreciate this resource because it lays out some very helpful ways to approach this topic in conversation. Sometimes this can a difficult conversation with others but Michael Green gives some great information written in ways that are easy to understand and to talk with others.

  15. geri (verified owner)

    I found this book extremely helpful as a new christain with a lot of doubts/questions going on in my head. highly recommended.

  16. Amanda (verified owner)

    I love the book, nice quick read. This book is great for people at all different levels.

  17. Mr Allan K Ireland (verified owner)

    Its a short but concise book about the similarities and differences of most world religions, and the exclusivity of Jesus as teacher and Son of God. Please read this book if you can.

  18. McKenna P. (verified owner)

    Loved reading this book! This is one I would recommend to everyone. It is written in many ways that most would not even think about. It is very unique and entertaining. It is also a very short book and a very quick read, so if you are looking for something to read in a doctors office or a quick road trip or anything like that, this is a great choice!

  19. Anon (verified owner)

    Michael Green has a real gift of explaining things clearly. This book will help those seeking truth.

  20. Linda Bachand (verified owner)

    The most awesome part of this is the book is not long. That sounds mean but tell me you don’t zone out if someone drags out a subject just to fill pages. It is to the point and you will read it all instead of skimming because the author didn’t waste pages.

  21. Janelle (verified owner)

    The truth will set you free!!

  22. Michael Wm. Schick (verified owner)

    This book answers some of life’s most important questions. Powerful!!!

  23. Anon (verified owner)

    This book takes the questions many unbelievers or seekers have and demonstrates why Christianity is different from other religions. I highly recommend it.

  24. Jiggs (verified owner)

    This is a concise, clear little book on the silliness of pretending that there are no differences between religions and worldview. It’s a book I have given to a few people of different belief systems to introduce my Anglican evangelical faith. It’s friendly and clear. Highly recommended as a starting place.

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